Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chiropractic Best With Massage and Physical Therapy

I have used chiropractic for years for a stiff neck or a sore back but I have found chiropractic most effective in conjunction with massage and physical therapy at Silver Strand Spine and Sport.  Dr. Tolmosoff has a very light touch so I'm not sore the next day from my adjustment.  Chiropractic gets joints moving that otherwise would not move even with regular exercise and makes a difference over time with my overall feeling of health.  I notice a feeling of being less limber and flexible if I go more than a week without an adjustment.  If I'm having acute symptoms of some kind.. migraine, severe dizziness or back/neck pain, I've found chiropractic often provides immediate relief.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Benefits of Massage

While the idea of massage always sounded great, actually doing it was something else.  I knew that once I started getting regular massages, I would be hooked and would never go back ...and that has proven to be true!  But I have no regrets because the benefit to my overall health and ability to be at my best each day is such an incredible payoff.   It seems that massage is now covered by more insurances so it is no longer reserved only for those with money to spend.  I have gone in to a massage with a massive migraine and have left one hour later, literally pain free.  And with no drugs required!  It's wonderful to see more merging of these therapies with with western medicine.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Accupuncture for the Inner Ear

Back to addition to Island Accupuncture doing wonderful things for my neck and achilles, she's also been WONDERFUL for an annoying inner ear problem.  Much of the concept of accupuncture is about drawing heat away from the inflamed or painful area, or in the case of the inner ear, tinnitis and dizziness.  I have had great success with accupuncture for this...I think it's time for me to make another appointment!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Regular Exercise Better than Coffee

Okay, I know it's hard to believe that anything can be better than that morning cup of coffee, but an aerobic, dance based, morning workout to music is THE BEST!  Yes, even better than that morning cup of java.  We hear about the benefits of exercise every time we open the newspaper, turn on our computers, or watch TV. And we KNOW that it's good for us but how quickly it gets lost in our daily schedules and falls to the bottom of the priority list.  And for me the music is what gets me going before my body and muscles are ready to move.  Peppy music that makes you want to dance is absolutely key.  I can't help but want to move to the music and before I know it, I'm moving, heart pumping, and my brain is awake and engaged.  I couldn't imagine feeling this good just a little while ago while I was lying in my comfy bed, turning off the alarm.  Yes, dragging myself from bed to do this was DEFINITELY WORTH IT!

Island Accupuncture is Great!

I had never tried accupuncture until recently and being somewhat of a skeptic, I had my doubts about what to expect.  But, with a painful left achilles that was preventing me from working out the way I would like, I gave accupuncure a try and I have been really pleased!

It is so nice to have some one's approach to pain be something other than pills.  It seems with every traditional oral medication, there is some side effect.  Sometimes the side effects cause the same symptoms you're trying to relieve!  The whole experience at Island Acupuncture is calming, soothing, and very pleasant.  Gila glides from room to room like Florence Nightingale and has a quiet, calm manner about her.  She has been practicing acupuncture for many years and is one of only four board certified acupuncturists in San Diego County.  A session is usually about 90 minutes and has turned out to be an enforced down time for me to power nap, ponder, or just enjoy the soothing music she plays.  My whole body feels relaxed and in balance when I leave.  The office is nicely decorated and very clean.  It's easy to park and walk right in.

She very gently taps on each needle to place and asks if I can feel it.  There is an ever so gentle cramp feeling where each needle is inserted which means that it's placed where it needs to be and is doing it's job.  I've had great success with treating my Achilles and am able to work out regularly on it.
I still have occasional twinges of pain but far less than I used to have and it is lessening each week.  I so appreciate the different approach that Gila and acupuncture take to healing.  It is different than traditional Western medicine and does require adjusting your expectations a little with regard to time and not expecting an instant fix, although there are many times when I feel absolutely no pain when I leave after arriving in pain.

Peled, Gila - Island Acupuncture

1222 1st St, #8, Coronado, CA 92118 Get directions Cross Streets: Between C Ave and B Ave

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Love Silver Strand Spine and Sport

Feeling symptoms for several years of pain through the right scapula and right side of the neck, and frustrated at the limitations of my workouts, I tried traditional physical therapy.  It was good but didn't seem to completely take care of the problem.  I still couldn't increase the amount of weight I could lift without pain and stiffness coming back. I was speaking to a friend about massage, one therapy I hadn't yet tried, and she said, Have I got a deal for you!  She told me about a great place she had been going for treatment following a mastectomy which helped her pain without costing her a fortune.  Silver Strand Spine and Sport, which takes most insurances and takes mine, incorporates physical therapy, chiropractic and massage into their treatment.  It has been AWESOME!  The folks who work there are friendly and accommodating, but most of all, the three approaches put together are EFFECTIVE!  What a concept!