Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chiropractic Best With Massage and Physical Therapy

I have used chiropractic for years for a stiff neck or a sore back but I have found chiropractic most effective in conjunction with massage and physical therapy at Silver Strand Spine and Sport.  Dr. Tolmosoff has a very light touch so I'm not sore the next day from my adjustment.  Chiropractic gets joints moving that otherwise would not move even with regular exercise and makes a difference over time with my overall feeling of health.  I notice a feeling of being less limber and flexible if I go more than a week without an adjustment.  If I'm having acute symptoms of some kind.. migraine, severe dizziness or back/neck pain, I've found chiropractic often provides immediate relief.

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  1. I've considered seeing a chiropractor for some time now, but since it is not covered by insurance, I have put it off. I often have joint pain, a stiff neck, and an aching lower back. This past year I've been more diligent with my workouts and have added swimming and yoga to my regular running and lifting workouts. I STILL feel old! Maybe it is time to see a chiropractor. Thanks for your post!